Bigscreen’s ‘VR LAN party’ comes to the Oculus Store

multiplayer-bigscreen-1400.jpgBigscreen’s promise to bring the environment of a LAN party into virtual reality is becoming more credible, now that it’s also available in the Oculus store. The free software has been “completely cross-platform” since launch, ready for sharing with…

How to Choose the Perfect Back-to-School Laptop

It’s a great time to buy a laptop. Back to school deals are on now, and new models are hitting store shelves. We’ve talked about how to pick the perfect laptop
, but if you’re headed to college, or even back to school, and aren’t sure what you’ll need, you have it tougher. Don’t worry, we’ll help you through it.

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Paleontologists just found a 2,500-pound T. rex skull in Montana


In the rocky hills of what is now Montana, a Tyrannosaurus rex once lumbered across the land, standing as high as 20-feet tall and stretching up to 40-feet long.

Some 66 million years later, a team of U.S. paleontologists have unearthed its skull, making an extremely rare find for the realm of dinosaur fossils. The 2,500-pound boulder of a bone traveled west this week to Seattle, where it arrived at the University of Washington’s Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture.

“The combination of the skull features, the size of the bones, and the honeycomb-like appearance of the bones tell us this is a T. rex,” Greg Wilson, the museum’s adjunct curator of vertebrate paleontology, said in a media release on Wednesday. Read more…

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Dog won’t jump in the water to fetch, but he will use a makeshift raft


Bart the dog does not want to get in the water. We don’t know why. He has his reasons.

But Bart does want to retrieve his football, which is floating in the pool. So Bart gets creative: he spots a pool inflatable, then uses it as a raft.

May the aquaphobes among us look to Bart for inspiration.

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8 Tips for Making the Most Money When Selling Your Old Toys



Maybe you’ve got a bedroom like The 40 Year Old Virgin‘s, or perhaps you’re a box hoarder, keeping trinkets from your childhood (or later . . .) in a box, affording it occasional glances. Sometimes, you might even take the lid off. But just lately, you’ve realized that perhaps the time has come to stop the hoarding. You need to make some money, perhaps to help pay for a large expense, such as a car, mortgage down payment, or even a wedding. It’s time to let someone else play with your old toys. Toys I’ve Sold on eBay Over the…

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Gears of War 4 looks the part but doesn’t feel like it

Gears of War 4 got a lengthy showing at Gamescom 2016.

COLOGNE, Germany—Changing the formula of a respected, successful franchise is a risky business, and first impressions of Gears of War 4′s DeeBees highlight the problem. This new robotic race of enemies, seemingly named by the director of a children’s television show, flank and shoot like the Locust we’re used to, but the aesthetic difference is difficult to warm to. Shooting and killing sentient boxes of circuit boards and wires doesn’t provide that same sense of guttural, crass satisfaction that comes with blasting a hole through the head of a Locust (which appear in other parts of the game), or ripping a chainsaw through its torso. Call me an animal, but that’s what I want from Gears of War, the quintessential third-person cover-based shooter. Dismembering an android incarnation of The Rock doesn’t provide that same splat and release.

Having seen just 20 or so minutes of them in action, maybe that’s an unfair judgement. After all, DeeBees come in various forms, so there’s the potential for them to change tactics and develop their own unique personality amongst their fleshier brethren. Bipedal DeeBees, for instance, forego the use of cover, instead relying on their armour to deflect your rounds, while the power of their weapons deters you from poking your head out of cover to get a shot off. They can jump low when navigating over cover, and if they get close they turn suicide bomber and explode.

The smaller of the two walkers I saw tended to attack only in packs, their role seemingly focused on herding you into tight spots from which their larger siblings could deal the real damage and force you into a compromising position. It’s these larger examples, which pack more potent weapons, that blow up in your face. If you’re too close to them when they jump over cover you become stunned for a moment, which is enough time for them to blow up and take you out. Additionally, flying drones and fast, ground-based mechanised balls that roll up to you and, again, explode in your face, act as support robots and distractions.

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Pay What You Want For Premium Training in Web, Mobile, and Game Development

MUO - Pay What You Want- Complete Developer Bundle

There are many career paths that involve code and design, so it makes sense for aspiring developers to get a broad education. The Complete Developer Bundle offers just that, with four courses on web, mobile and game design. Right now, you can pay what you like for the courses via MakeUseOf Deals. What you’ll get The instruction kicks off with the Web Design Course, which shows you how to create beautiful websites from scratch. The tutorials explain HTML5 and CSS3 — the building blocks of the web — and you can practice your skills in an online emulator. You progress…

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Curb Impulse Spending by Focusing on the Space Between a Stimulus and Your Response

Impulsive spending can be a sneaky little budget-destroyer. We all know that, and there’s no shortage of tips for eliminating it. If you want to get to the root of your impulsive spending problem, though, focus on the space between the impulse and your action.

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Relatable athlete Simone Biles had a dramatic reaction to a bee attack


Don’t let her impressive floor routines and gravity-defying flips fool you, Simone Biles is just a regular American teen. 

For instance, before her Olympic glory, after winning in the 2014 World Championships in China, Biles adorably and hilariously ran away from a bee who flew into her bouquet of flowers at the podium after accepting her medal. Luckily she was able to finish the ceremony. 

It’s OK, Simone, we totally understand.

Four-time Olympic gold medalists, they’re just like us.

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